Afterburner Financial specializes in strategies to maximize your wealth and financial independence.

Afterburner Financial was established in 2013 by Steven E. Ankerstar. The firm was set up because Mr. Ankerstar saw there was a real need for affordable, professional financial planning advice.

We are one of a select group of financial firms that are truly independent. We are privately owned. We do not have financial links to any bank or other financial institutions. We have a strict "no commission" policy, and the only fees we receive are directly from clients.

Our complete independence means we remain objective, and we construct financial plans (or financial strategies) tailored to our clients' needs. Simply put, we recommend strategies, not products.

Our Philosophy

We don't sell products. We provide Financial Advice.

This means our strategic financial plans are only influenced by your needs.

Our clients are the most important stakeholders to us, and are not just a means to an end.

Learn About Our Approach

What we do

We can help with all your financial advice needs, whether your situation is straight-forward or out of the ordinary.

We work with each client to develop, implement and maintain a relevant and comprehensive financial strategy, while assisting clients to grow their wealth, meet lifestyle objectives and protect against risks.

  • We can help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they may be.
  • We can assist you to become financially secure.
  • We can help you make smart decisions with your money.

How We Can Help

Our Core Values

We have three core values which form the basis for everything we do


Protecting your financial interests from potential conflicts of interest

No custody — An independent custodian holds our clients' investments and creates an independent, insurmountable barrier between our firm and our clients' portfolios.

Fee only — We charge a fee for managing our clients' portfolios; it is our only compensation. We do not earn commissions, transaction fees, or other promotional or distribution fees.

No proprietary products — Since we do not create or sell proprietary products, we are free to recommend only those that deliver the best long-term results for our clients.


Managing your financial affairs with a transparent approach

No Hidden Fees — We pride ourselves on being upfront and open with our clients, so they know exactly what they are paying in fees and exactly what we are doing with their money.

Open Investment Strategy — We engage with our clients as much or as little as they prefer.  We want our clients to know what they are invested in, and be comfortable with the strategy.  We hold ourselves to the standard of being able to explain any investment in thirty seconds or less, in terms the client can understand.


Serving you with a philosophy of thorough communication, consistency with whom you are working, and minimization of fees.

Coordinating with your other professionals — Accountants, Estate Attorneys, Tax Professionals, Insurance Agents and other professionals necessary to coordinate the best service and advice for our clients.

Long term, stable team — With Afterburner Financial, you stay with the same professional.  We pride ourselves in the long term relationship that can only be forged with time spent together and open communication.  You deserve more than being shifted from one advisor to another at the whim of the financial institution.

Fee Minimization — Total return for any investor is negatively impacted by fees.  We only charge clients our management fee and only the absolute minimum transaction fees from the custodian.  We do not charge ANY of the nuisance fees assessed by others (account opening, account closing, transfer, etc).